Michaelie Clark

Meet Michaelie Clark

An Australian writer with pretensions to the id of a lady, regularly repudiated by her conduct.

Michaelie Clark sharing her views on prescribed gender roles in the late 1980s.

Michaelie was born on the coast of country Victoria in 1985 and has been sporting recalcitrant waves and cow-licks ever since. She was sent to a Catholic school by her Protestant parents where she ‘found atheism’ and extemporaneous guilt. Burdened by a propensity for constant, intense internal dialogue, a compulsive need for olives before bed and a violent aversion to Sixty Minutes, she was often matter-of-factly described by her mother as ‘odd’.

Upon turning 18, Michaelie moved to Melbourne where she completed her Arts degree with barely two bob to rub together, from the dubious comfort of an $89 futon in an abode with a large hole in the bedroom floor and a makeshift apartment division, on the other side of which an entire Bangladeshi family lived.

With flimsy qualifications in artistic ingenuity and metaphysical thought in hand, she dove immediately into the mercenary world of corporate management and the expensive, seedy end of the inner-Eastern suburbs. There she spent half a decade easing her delicious torment by downing vodka cocktails, inflaming office scandals and writing one-fifth of a comic murder romance.

Michaelie now daylights as an events and marketing maharishi and works as a red-penner, copywriter and freelance journalist. Her work has been published by The Drum, ABC Open, WeekendNotes and Debrief Daily, and broadcast on Radio National. She is also a regular public speaker on matters of socio-politics, though the gigs are usually informal, self-initiated and almost always take place at the pub.

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